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Marlboro Commercials Compilation

Published 1967

Compilation of Marlboro commercials from the 1960s with the Marlboro Country theme.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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Reviewer: guyburns - - August 31, 2013
Subject: Wide variety of ads based on the classic Marlboro Country theme
In this 56-minute collection there is much repetition of the basic theme – the Marlboro Man in Marlboro country. About 60 ads in total, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. These ads are for men. The one lone woman appears at 33.15.

The theme music was so popular there is even an ad to buy the music (4.00).

Ads include those for Marlboro Reds, Menthol and 100s (Longhorns). A few segue to the “Filter, Flavour, Pack or Box” jingle (6.00, 10.20, 12.15, 13.00, 15.20, 20.20, 27.00). Apart from the horses in the west scenario, there are snow scenes with helicopters (when horses can’t get in because of snow, 14.10), a quarter-horse race in Texas (19.10), fly-fishing (20.20), Emmy Award ads with United Airlines (30.40), Frederick Remington Prints for sale (45.20), an ad aimed at the African-American demographic (47.10), and a Merry Christmas ad from Marlboro (22.30).

The definitive Marlboro ad featuring the Marlboro Man, horses, and that wonderful theme music, is at 23.13. Other notable ads are at 0.12, 5.03, 8.36, 9.41, 20.18, 22.16, 32.10, 33.15, 42.29, 47.11, 52.19, 52.36, 55.05.

I've worked my way through several hundred cigarette ads and I have to say that if I was to choose the highpoint of all cigarette ads it would be the one at 23.13. However, as a collection I still think this one is bested by the Alpine ads from the late 1950s. See
Reviewer: dan jhonny valentine - - September 24, 2009
Subject: Smoking IS like True Love
I start smoking when i was 16 or so,I start smoking from love...She was smoking,and i love it,the way she light that cigarette,the way she use to beat the cigarette on the finger,and use to lick it so it will last longer,..yeahh I was in love..
Smoking was going to be our little thing,I knew i Wasn't going to see her again,but after that We still have to had our little thing,every time i light a cigarette I knew She was out there smoking..and that was going to bond us for ever...after She left,i moved to Marlboro,sign i was prepared for better,bigger and stronger things. When i was in the army,i quit smoking for the first time,the place and the people we're so hostile,and i associte smoking with good music,people i cigarettes ever.Thank you Marlboro.